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Product Range:


Rajendra Steels is a professionally managed organization and leading supplier/trader of high quality Plates, Rails, Beams, Channels, Angles, Rounds, TMT and other fabricated finished structures. We maintain a wide range of structural steel in variety of sizes and specifications.


Structural steel can be defined as hot rolled products, with a cross section of special form like rounds, angles, channels and beams. Structural steel sections are usually used for construction of buildings, buildings, transmission line towers (TLT), industrial sheds and structures etc. They also find application in manufacturing of automotive vehicles, ships etc.

Few of our range of structural steel sections and their technical specifications are as follows:



MS Plates/ Steel Plates:

MS Plates/Flats are used to make Boilers, Pressure vessels, Rail wagons, Ships, Pipes and provide the base and body of the heavy machineries. They are used to make gusset plates for the frames of the industrial sheds and joining the transmissions towers. Plates are available in Wide arrays of thickness, lengths and widths of various steel compositions.

Chequered Plates are mostly used for industrial flooring. They have bead pattern on its surface so that it provides good grip for the people to walk.




Heavy Rails and Crane Rails:
Rails are used to form the tracks of the EOT Crane, Goliath Crane and Guide tracks of Railways to run the Passenger and Goods trains. Rail Products are available as Light crane rails and Heay Rails.





MS Beams/Steel Beams:
A universal beam has an "I" cross section with its main application in the structural frames of industrial sheds and large buildings. Beams experience tensile, sheer and compressive stresses internally due to the loads applied to them.

Beams are commonly used in the construction of bridges and steel Structure, frames of industrial buildings and Sheds.



Beam Size in mm
Weight Kg./mSize in mm  Weight Kg./m
100X7011.5225X110   31.2
120X58 11.2250X12537.3
 200X100       25.9 500X180       86.9
200X15052.05600X210 123 















MS Angles/Steel Angle:
The most commonly found steel angles are formed at a 90 degree angle and has two legs of equal length. The sides are either equal or of different sizes, if one leg is longer than the other then it is known as UNEQUAL angle. The steel angles of various strength like HT/MS are formed as required by different applications.

The steel angle are used in various applications like reinforcement, transmission towers, Bridges, Sheds etc.



 M. S Equal Angles Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m)

 size mm34568101216182025
20 x 200.91.1
25 x
30 x 301.
35 x 351.
40 x 401.
45 x 452.
50 x 502.
65 x 654.
75 x 755.76.88.911.0
80 x 807.39.611.814.0
90 x 908.210.813.415.8
100 x 1009.212.114.917.7
110 x 11013.416.519.624.2
130 x 13015.919.723.428.9
150 x 15022.827.235.839.911.1
200 x 200      36.648.5 54.0 60.0 73.6 



MS Channel/Steel Channel:

A channel is a right angle "C" section. They are also called C Channels. Along with beams, channels are mainly used in structural applications. Mostly MS Channels are used as supports and guide. These are roll-formed products.


MS Channels has wide range of applications like Purling for Sheds, Scaffoldings in construction Industries, and Supporting frames for Structures, Base frames of heavy machinery and automotives etc.



 Channel Size in mm    Weight Kg/mSize In mmWeight Kg/m
175X7519.6 400X100 50.1 








Squares, Rounds and CTD/TMT bars:

We maintain the stock of squares, rounds, TMT and CTD bars produced by hot rolling of billets from various re-rolling mills.

Squares Bars are used as guide rails for material handling equipments and as support bars.

Round Bars are used for various applications like hardware, petrochemical, construction, electric, boiler burning equipment, surgical equipment, food, water heating equipment, boat, power mill, etc

TMT/CTD Bars are also known as reinforcement steel and wire rods which are primarily used by the construction industry.